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About Dolphin Group

Dolphin Group is a group of companies producing edibles for humans as well as feed for domesticated creatures such as poultry as well as animal husbandry. From grains, feeds to meat and hatchery service, Dolphin Group of companies is an established company based in the Far Western part of Nepal. Even though it collaborates with locals and their products, the goodwill of the country is flourishing.

At Dolphin Group, we not only focus on generating revenue but also customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility, serving nations with quality production, neat and hygienic meat supply and different kind of consulting services are our major areas of concern.

Being a pioneer firm in the hatchery as well as feed production, from the very beginning, we are operating by locals’ raw materials as well as manpower.
This has created something incredible in society as well as in our company too.

We are an enterprise solely focused on not only in production but also in the standard implementation of business laws, policies for the welfare of society as well. Our visionary step in the field of production, supplying has added new dynamics to the (large) medium scale industries in Nepal.

In a nutshell, Dolphin Group is a social enterprise which operates its business, uses local raw materials, creates larger arenas of employment opportunities, focuses on neat and clean production, supplies all kind of feed to poultry all over Nepal.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.