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Thapa Suppliers as the subsidiary unit of Dolphin Group was established in 2061 with the sole purpose of distributing edibles such as rice, sugar, mustard, wheat, pulses, etc. Initially, started with cereals and grains production, the unit now is a fully functional modern plant with the use of the latest technology in the sector. It directly collaborates with local farmers of Nepal especially of the west while it is also involved in actively importing from India too. It generally deals with getting raw crops/grains in their crude form directly from the fields and farmers and after the refining process deploy it to the markets. As we are serving the Nepalese market for a decade, the demand for products by Thapa Suppliers is increasing day by day./p>

We, at Thapa Suppliers, are always dedicated to provide our customers with high quality and wholesome products. Our major products include pina/Mustard cake, wheat, corns and Pulses, etc.

Our Product

Mustard, a native to temperate regions of Europe, was one of the first domesticated crops in history is a member of the Brassica family of plants, bears tiny, round, edible seeds and tasty leaves. The name Mustard, is derived from a contraction of the Latin mustum ardens meaning “burning must.” This is a reference to the spicy heat of the crushed mustard seeds and the French practice of mixing the ground seeds with must, the young, unfermented juice of wine grapes.The condiment mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant. The seeds aren’t flavorful until they are cracked, after which they are mixed with a liquid like water, wine, vinegar, lemon juice, and other spices and flavorings to become prepared mustard. The mustard seed is a dullish gray, brown color. The striking, bold yellow color actually comes from the rootstock of a plant called turmeric. In the case of Nepal and India, especially the sleeping plains in the Southern part deals with mustard in the full-fledged fashion. We all know mustard, this tasty spicy sauce which enrich meat dishes, such as tartare or roasted meats, or sausages and wurstel.

Pina is what remains of the mustard seeds after the extraction of the oil. Pina is another source of feed for poultry, cattle and aquatic animals. Also known as mustard cake, Pina is an excellent organic fertilizer for flowering and vegetable plants due to its high protein content. It also protects plants from various diseases and is used as a natural weedicide/biopesticide. The high protein content also makes it ideal for human consumption.

Like mustard, wheat is also one of the major products of Thapa Suppliers. The most widely grown wheat is common wheat called (T. aestivum). Being one of several species of cereal grasses wheat represents genus Triticum and is a popular edible grain. Wheat is an important source of carbohydrate and the primary source of vegetable protein in human food, having a protein content relatively higher than other cereals. When eaten as the whole grain, wheat is also the main source of multiple nutrients and dietary fiber.

Wheat is one of the oldest and most important members of the cereal crops family. In addition to that, sometimes wheat is used in industrial scale for the production of paste, starch, malt, dextrose, alcohol, gluten, and other products. Especially in and around Nepal, besides bread, wheat has been widely used for food items such as porridge, crackers, biscuits, Muesli, pancakes, and noodles, pies, pastries, pizza, polenta and semolina, cakes, cookies, muffins, rolls, doughnuts, gravy, beer, vodka, boza (a fermented beverage), and breakfast cereals.

Maize or Corn is one of the most important fodder crops, particularly for milch animals. It is specially grown for feed for animals while it can be found used as a food recipe. The crop is cultivated in over 0.9 million ha in different parts of the world throughout the year. It is categorized under a C4 plant having a high fodder production capacity in a short period.

Besides, the above-mentioned cereals we also produce pulses, an edible seed that grows in a pod as our main products such as Beans, chickpeas, dry beans, dry peas, and split peas and has more health benefits in comparison to other cereals and formed through the same procedures. We are soon to be distributing the other varieties into the market.

Most of the pulses has same benefits while talking about its health merits these are fat-free food and is an excellent source of fiber, high-level protein,vitamin B, iron,vitamin B1, zinc, potassium and vitamin B6 which helps in promoting healthy pregnancy, enhancing energy level, assisting intestinal regularity, supporting weight loss, regulating blood sugar levels, avoiding cancer, lowering cholesterol level, preventing the risk of heart disease, etc.