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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Dolphin Group believe that all of us are equally accountable for building that ideal, prosperous society of what we dream of. Also, the belief that we are what we are today because of the community and its people drives us down to one simple conclusion that we owe big time to the community.

Hence, Dolphin Group as a part of its social responsibility is currently engaged in different areas like education, health, and women empowerment. Education is a basic human right and the biggest pillar of the development of a nation. Despite these facts, many children in our nation are deprived of this basic right due to a lack of opportunities and scarce resources. To do what we can from our end, we are currently providing financial aid to 25 students each in two different schools.

Likewise, healthy individuals and health facilities are equally important for a prosperous nation. Hence we have diversified our resources in the health sector too. A hospital is being constructed at the land we donated by Lions Group, which is named after the father of our chairperson, Garvae Thapa. The Dolphin Group is also working in areas like women’s empowerment by providing different opportunities to women and organizing awareness programs related to how vital role does women play in every society and business sector despite from Nepalese community.