Going decades back and writing about our initial phase, it wasn’t easy for us. The chairperson of Dolphin Group had started his venturesome journey from another field and it was other than food and feed, which was furniture business. After which he again stepped into the world of automobiles which was drastically different in compared to the feed and food industrial sector. He then made life’s biggest decision to shift into the world of agriculture and poultry sector which was also a very biggest and successful decision that changed his life and is trying to change every people’s lifestyle by providing quality foods and creating opportunities.

While he was stepping into a whole different kind of business, he was constantly eager about how he could contribute to society as an entrepreneur. With his constant effort and tireless dedication, after a year, he established an agricultural grain mill, and the business, as well as service, escalated to a new hype.
The company started to focus on providing genuine products and promoting the brand Dolphin Group. In the early days of the company, a rice mill was rented for five years. Further, another machine was rented again for five years and altogether we had two rice mills running in full-fledged. Unfortunately, the social and political instability going around in the country and the lack of capital in the later phase of the business resulted in the stagnancy of the company. Nevertheless, our chairperson found his way into the feed industry. Entering into the feed from the food industry was not so easy where the company then planned to establish a new venture under the same Dolphin Group by producing and supplying food not just for humans but also for poultry, fish, etc.

While talking about the next dynamic of Dolphin Group, Dolphin Feeds Pvt. Ltd., it was started with initial investment but with great enthusiasm. The factory was started by accumulating raw materials to turn into mash feed as well as a pellet for poultry. As the factory was acquiring its raw ingredients by buying them from the local farmers, Dolphin Feed Pvt. Ltd. emerged as a strong and ever-increasing venture of Dolphin Group.

As the company was solely dedicated to its consumers and the country, it immensely gained height. Then, while producing feeds and its supplying process to the market, the venture again came up with the idea of a hatchery unit. Hence, seven years ago, Dolphin Feed Pvt. Ltd., officially started hatching the eggs, producing chicks, and deploying the products to the end market.
These days Quality Hatchery Pvt. Ltd. and Thakur Kaka Hatchery Pvt. Ltd. have been constantly hatching chicks and handling the markets which have a certain partnership percent of the chairperson and are under the observation of Dolphin Group.

Not only that, these days, the group has been planning to provide healthy and hygienic chicken meat to the market through Veri Meat Shop and Cold Store. After the installation of the neat and well-managed slaughterhouse worth the capacity of storing 1 lakh kg of meat, we are ready to supply the ever-increasing demand for meat. We are launching soon in the market.