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About Veri Meat Shop and Cold Store

As the name implies clearly, Veri Meat Shop & Cold Store is planned to be systematic as well as cleanly operated meat shop. Among our various, upcoming projects, this is an under-construction one that will come into operation in the near future.

Veri Meat Shop will be facilitated by a tidy as well as methodical chicken slaughterhouse with the capacity to process 1000 birds per hour. Unlike other general cold stores, it is a well-ordered one which aspires to process hygienic meat to the market.

At Veri Meat Shop and Cold Store, we value the production, supply of fresh and hygienic chicken along with the best customer satisfaction. And not only that, we have been planning to open several chicken meat outlets in different places of mid-western and far-western development regions.

Talking about the Slaughterhouse, it is a facility where animals are slaughtered, most often to provide food for consumers i.e. humans. Slaughterhouse supplies meat and then the nourishment is dispensed towards the consumers’ door.
It might sound fancy but slaughtering livestock on the large scale poses significant issues in terms of logistics, animal welfare, environment. Most importantly, the process must meet public health standards and requirements. Building slaughterhouses is also a matter of some consideration when it comes to its location.

Last not but least, as always we are supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs, Veri Meat Shop and Cold Store will be processed locally owned and produced birds. With this, local farmhands will be directly benefited.